Negotiating prices with wedding vendors

A couple's wedding day is likely to be the most expensive party they ever host. The average cost of a wedding is $33,931, according to The...

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‘Plus one’ etiquette for wedding guests

Making a wedding guest list is seldom an easy task. Couples often find that many people are worthy of an invitation, which can make...

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Throw a safe bachelor or bachelorette party

The concensus from public health professionals around the world is to maintain continued social distancing to help prevent further spread...

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Factors to consider before booking a holiday wedding

Holidays are conducive to festive atmospheres. Whether it's seasonal celebrations for Christmas or Chanukah or summertime soirees on Fourth...

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Music is an important component of wedding celebrations

Few things set the mood of a wedding more effectively than music. Beautiful songs often are incorporated into wedding ceremonies, and...

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Consider food allergies when planning wedding menu

Wedding guests will remember many aspects of the ceremony and reception. For guests who have food allergies or require specialized diets,...

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