Throw a safe bachelor or bachelorette party

The concensus from public health professionals around the world is to maintain continued social distancing to help prevent further spread...

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Factors to consider before booking a holiday wedding

Holidays are conducive to festive atmospheres. Whether it's seasonal celebrations for Christmas or Chanukah or summertime soirees on Fourth...

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Make the most of a rainy honeymoon

Rain on a wedding day is something that many couples encounter, but the silver lining is that various cultures view rainy wedding days as a...

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Virtual vendors an option for couples planning unique weddings

Normal took on an entirely new connotation in 2020. As the world reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the globe had to adjust...

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Honeymoon registry

Many couples who are planning to get married have lived together during the engagement period or even longer. A Pew Research Center study...

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