Throw a safe bachelor or bachelorette party

The concensus from public health professionals around the world is to maintain continued social distancing to help prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus. Various events have been modified due to the pandemic, and weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties have proven no exception.

Couples may need to make certain changes to traditional gatherings like bachelor and bachelorette parties to stay safe. Wedding parties average four to five close friends or family members on each side, according to Martha Stewart weddings. Gatherings of five will likely comply with the limitations set for gatherings for indoor and outdoor venues. However, it's essential to check local regulations before planning festivities. Even if gathering with your wedding party is doable, you may have to think outside the box when it comes to how to enjoy these last hoorahs before the wedding.

Host it outdoors

The likelihood of spreading respiratory viruses like COVID-19 is greatly reduced in outdoor settings where respiratory droplets are more likely to be dispersed rather than concentrated. Restaurants and bars still offer outdoor seating options in many areas, and an intimate gathering for food and drinks outside can be a low-key way to spend an evening.

Try an "extreme" activity

Weekend travel has become a standard option for many bachelor and bachelorette parties. But travel restrictions or personal health preferences may mean it's not prudent to take a trip to Las Vegas or Cancún. Booking activities that are a little edgy can add some adventure to the festivities if travel is a nonstarter. Some amusement parks are still open, so an evening of riding zero-gravity coasters or free-fall bungee jumps could satisfy everyone's adventurous side. Race tracks offer tourist options where novices can take high-speed spins around the course. When traveling in small groups, these activities can be possible.

Virtual karaoke

In-person karaoke nights may be unavailable, but there's a bevy of online sing-a-long apps that enable participants to sing with backing tracks either for solo performances or with others — even people around the world. Each member of the bachelorette or bachelor party can download the same app and then sing together. Laugh along to renditions of classic tunes or modern favorites.

Celebrate at home

It may not seem as glamorous as a night out, but home cocktail parties can be customized. Hire a mixologist to whip up special drinks for the occasion. Caterers may be available to cook personalized meals in your home, providing lessons along the way.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties may have to change as the world continues to confront the pandemic. With a few tweaks, these events can still be enjoyable and memorable.

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