The Runway to Some of the Most Skilled Workers in the Country

Come with us on the rigorous educational journey of a Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics student. Beginning with day one, students track every minute toward their 2,478-hour program, preparing them not only for their degree, but the Federal Certifications that are built into the programs. Within 21 months, students leave PIA confident in their abilities to tackle any mechanical or electrical task in front of them. As the aviation industry seeks to fill 192,000 available technician positions over the next 20 years*, PIA students have earned their ticket to a successful career.

Our two courses are designed to prepare students for the fields of Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Electronics. They expose students to the innerworkings of an aircraft while simultaneously preparing them for non-aviation fields through experiences with hydraulics, pneumatics, radars, communications systems, composite materials, turbine technology and more. While taught in the framework of aviation, these skills can be transferable to the fields of manufacturing, heavy equipment, cruise ships, diesel machinery and computer chips, just to name a few.

PIA uses a hands-on approach when educating students on the proper maintenance and repair of the complex systems of an aircraft, while also emphasizing the importance of the theories behind those practices. While technical skills are in-demand throughout various industries, students are encouraged to focus on their soft skills as well, improving their communication, professionalism and teamwork through the very structure of our program. It is this skillset that brings numerous employers to PIA throughout the year and draws them to return to meet the next graduating class.

For more information on PIA, visit https://pia.edu. Facility tours, classroom presentations and more are available to those interested in learning more about PIA and the skilled training it provides. *https://bit.ly/Boeing-Outlook-2020

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